The Department of Labor’s Chief Evaluation Office recently released a summary report and literature scan from the study of the AJC customer experience through its website,

The study provides insights into the guiding principles of a high-quality customer experience useful to the workforce development community implementing WIOA.

The project entailed the following key objectives:


  • Conducted in partnership with nine American Job Centers (AJCs). 
  • Sought to: 1) learn about the customer experience in AJCs; 2) highlight promising customer engagement practices in AJCs; and 3) develop a set of behavioral science-based strategies that could enhance the AJC customer experience. 
  • Insights provided in the summary report are not intended to be representative of all AJCs, but reflect themes and patterns identified from customer and staff discussions, focus groups, and kiosk surveys related to the experience of both job/training seekers and employer customers.

The summary report concludes with a brief description of potentially promising strategies for improving the customer experience.